The Truth About Massage Therapy

At M Studio our therapies include a variety of relaxing treatments that focus on reflex pressure points to relieve stress, muscle tension, and tightness. We tailor every service to the needs of the individual and, using a combination of knowledge and skills. This is a healing practice that has been utilized for centuries, passed down through generations as a method of promoting healing injuries and relieving pain. In recent day, the benefits of massage therapy are becoming more well known as studies are proving the effectiveness of massage in treating a wide range of physical and mental ailments. 

With the stresses and pressures of modern day lives, this therapy not only helps with easing muscle tension and relieving pain, but also allows the body to release hormones that enhance relaxation and healing. M Studio offers a wide range of therapies in order to suit your needs as a client. At M Studio we have created a nurturing environment that not only promotes your beauty, but gives you a place of total relaxation. 


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M Studio Massage Room
"Busy? Massage therapy takes care of three things at once - Body, Mind, & Spirit."