You Don't Have To Worry About Razor Burn With Waxing!

No other waxing service is like ours at M Studio of Simpsonville. Why? We use a combination of techniques and materials alongside our relaxing environment to help you leave feeling refreshed. We cater to even the most sensitive skin types for superior, lasting results. 


This type of hair removal over other types of hair removal, has many advantages. The removal of large amounts of hair at one time is an effective method and also ensures that the hair will not grow back in these areas for weeks to come! We at M Studio cater to you to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the waxing process by offering a relaxing environment and professional, trained and licensed, estheticians’ services.


At M Studio we have created a nurturing environment that not only promotes your beauty but gives you a place of total relaxation.


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M Studio Waxing
"Waxing was an interesting experience. Not quite as painful as I expected.”
Channing Tatum
Waxing Customer